Potatoes in a peasant way

Baked potatoes, salt, spices

65 грн

Mashed potatoes

potatoes, cream, salt

55 грн

Beans with nuts

green beans, spices, nuts

60 грн

Broccoli with cheese sauce

broccoli, cheese sauce

130 грн

French fries

potatoes, spices, sauce

65 грн

Banosh classic with sour cream

sour cream, cheese, cracklings

130 грн

Dumplings with cheese in a creamy sauce

potatoes, egg, cheese, cream sauce

79 грн

Derun "Hata Bagata"

potatoes, egg, flour, mushroom julienne, chicken julienne, greens

169 грн

Krovyanka with baked potatoes

Krovyanka, potatoes, onions, greens

120 грн

Derun with sour cream

potatoes, egg, cream, sour cream, onions, greens

89 грн

Dumplings with cabbage

dough, cabbage

89 грн

Dumplings with mushrooms

dough, mushrooms

89 грн

Dumplings with potatoes

dough, potatoes

69 грн

Dumplings with brynza

dough, brynza

95 грн

Bavarian jug NEW

mushrooms, potatoes, hunter's sausages, feta, bell peppers, onions

149 грн

Vegetable jug with beans NEW

white beans, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, spices

85 грн

Chicken jug with white mushrooms NEW

broccoli, baby carrots, white mushrooms, chicken fillet, cream

195 грн


mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, green beans, tomato-based olives

165 грн


tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil

120 грн


mozzarella cheese, chicken fillet, cream-based tomato

140 грн


mozzarella cheese, balyk, mushrooms, olives, Crimean onions, tomato-based arugula

160 грн


mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, chicken fillet, lettuce, creamy parmesan cheese

210 грн


mozzarella cheese, chicken fillet, pineapple, corn

155 грн

Quadro Formaggio

mozzarella cheese, dor blue cheese, royal cheese, parmesan cheese

195 грн


mozzarella cheese, beef tenderloin, bell pepper, Crimean onion, arugula, tomato base

185 грн

Quadro Carne

mozzarella cheese, salami, smoked brisket, balyk, hunter's sausages, sesame, tomato base

265 грн

Cossack with lamb

lamb, mozzarella, brynza cheese, Crimean onion, pickled cucumber

150 грн


pork, veal, chicken, potatoes, bell peppers, carrots, onions

120 грн

Borsch on pork ribs

beets, pork ribs, potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage, tomato paste

120 грн

Cheese cream soup

dor blue cheese, mozzarella, cream, potatoes, onions

125 грн

Chicken broth

chicken, broth, homemade noodles, carrots, quail egg, herbs

65 грн

Mushroom soup

white mushrooms, carrots, onions, homemade noodles

85 грн

Crispy cabbage salad

cabbage, peppers, carrots with salad dressing

65 грн

"Salmon" from the boss

lightly salted salmon, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, feta, olives, cucumber with honey mustard sauce

230 грн

"With chicken and mozzarella" from the chef

lettuce, iceberg, croutons, chicken fillet, mozzarella, cherry with honey mustard sauce

145 грн

Veal and fresh vegetables salad

young veal fillet, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, lettuce with garlic-mustard sauce

140 грн

Beets and oranges salad

feta, caramelized walnuts, orange, beets, arugula

105 грн


chicken fillet, parmesan, cherry tomatoes, croutons, quail eggs, lettuce with caesar sauce

140 грн

Vegetable picking

cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, cheese with pesto sauce

95 грн

Vegetable homemade salad

cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, lettuce, cottage cheese with sour cream

80 грн

Pancakes with apples and caramel topping

apples, caramel topping

60 грн

Steamed dumplings with blueberries

blueberries, condensed milk

100 грн

Pancakes with cottage cheese and cherry sauce

cheese, cherry sauce

65 грн

Steamed dumplings with cherries

cherry, condensed milk

85 грн

Сheesecakes with sour cream

cheese, cream

90 грн

Apple strudel with ice cream

apples, ice cream

90 грн

Gentleman's plate of own production

boiled pork, baked turkey fillet, balyk, tripe

260 грн

A plate of Carpathian cheeses

smoked budz, budz with herbs, feta, brynza, honey

195 грн

Cossack snack

herring, pickled lard, pickled cucumber, pickled peppers, black bread, onions, garlic

230 грн

Lard to choose from

lard in paprika, pepper, baked

145 грн

Herring to a glass

herring fillet, onion, salt, spices

95 грн

Chicken liver pate and cherry sauce

chicken liver, cherry sauce

89 грн

Anointing with lard and garlic

ground lard with garlic

30 грн

Beer board for the company

chicken wings, chicken fillet in batter, chicken sausage, french fries

560 грн

Cossack board

pork ribs, Hungarian tripe, barbecue chicken fillet, neck steak, palyanitsa

975 грн

Pork ribs

pork ribs

80 грн

Chicken sausages

chicken sausages

59 грн

Chicken thigh skewers

chicken thigh

49 грн

Pork skewers

pork neck

69 грн



58 грн



95 грн

Fries / grill carp

fries / grill carp

70 грн

Grilled vegetables

grilled vegetables

110 грн